Instructions for the concept presentations (10th Dec)

We have almost two weeks until the concept presentations, which take place on 10.12. starting at 13.00 (In “Paja” room, 395 in Media Lab). It seems that we’re going to need some more time for the presentations than what has been scheduled. So we’ll have the session at 13.00-16.00.

The concept presentation is very short, 5min / student or pair + short feedback from teachers (2min). You should be able to answer the following questions:
– What’s your basic idea(s) for EPCP project work? There are several possible approaches to project work, based either on an artistic or aesthetic concept, or some software or tools you use for experimentation.
– Some early experiments or results from your work (can be demo materials recycled from Internet but with actual mindset of yours)
– Plan for further work
– What additional skills (in addition to yours) you will need to carry out the project

Please use a visual presentation (powerpoint, website etc.) to point out your ideas.

In addition to the presentation you should send a short summary of your idea(s) beforehand – deadline 10.12. at 9am. This is for the teachers to get a more organised picture of the whole. Send the summary by email to me (markku.nousiainen at In the summary please provide the following information:
– Title of your proposition
– Persons involved (in case you’re working with someone else)
– Short text about your concept (5-10 lines of text)

In case you have several ideas please provide the above information about each of them individually. You should also send me the materials (powerpoint or something else) that you use in your presentation, but this can happen after you’ve given your presentation. We’re going to publish the short summaries on the course blog, for the purpose of having a record of presentations for later teaming up.

An important detail: Unlike our usual lectures, and to save some time we begin our session on 10.12. at 13.00 sharp!

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